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The Truth Behind London Lions' New Head Coach

The London Lions have appointed Ryan Schmidt as their new head coach for the upcoming 2022/23 season, this season will also see the Lions compete in both the BBL and EuroCup with Coach Schmidt overseeing both compaigns. Schmidt has elite coaching experience, having previously spent four seasons as an assistant coach with Toronto Raptors NBA G-League affiliate, Raptors 905 & 3-years as Head Coach for the Hamilton Honey Badger of the CEBL.

However, Ryan Schmidt has some BBL coaching experience which many may not be aware of. Some may have noticed Schmidt on the sidelines this season as an apparent assistant coach, giving advice and speaking to players during timeouts during games this season. Sources close to the Lions have said that Ryan Schmidt arrived to the team in November, and was added as an assistant coach to previous Head Coach Vince Macaulay. Later that season Macaulay had left the team, replaced by James Vear who then left and was succeeded by Nik Lawry.

BBL sources close to the Lions have indicated that Schmidt was the 'real' Head Coach after Vince's departure from the team. Despite looking like an assistant to the fans' eye by sitting on the bench while Vear & Lawry coached, Schmidt was the person who was apparently 'calling the shots' per say, drawing up most of the plays towards the end of the season. Therefore, it could be said the writing was on the wall for Vince's departure the moment Ryan Schmidt landed in London. It's possible the Lions knew who their 'guy' was all season long.

In spite of how Ryan Schmidt ended up as the Head Coach for the London Lions, it's clear as day that he has the correct experience for the role and will be putting his unique stamp on British basketball this coming season.

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