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Tajh Leaves Giants To Sore Like An Eagle!

Marc Steutel has done some of the better recruiting we have seen in an offseason of British basketball in a long time, adding elite talent to his Newcastle Eagles as they gear up to enter Europe this coming season. Notable names amongst the new additions are; Larry Austin Jr, Jordan Johnson, Rickey McGill, Josh Ward-Hibbert & Tajh Green. These are all players that were big parts of their former teams, which has made these signings create more buzz than a usual BBL offseason would have seen.

One of the surprising signings was former Manchester Giants forward Tajh Green, the 6'8 forward averaged 18.4 PPG for the Giants and was a fan favourite in Manchester. I caught up with Green to find out what motivated his move to Newcastle.

"What motivated me to sign with Newcastle was a fresh start. The new team Coach Marc is bringing in also played a huge part. being apart of the most successful BBL team and trying to add on to that history. "


It's clear to see that Tajh has winning on his agenda, as many pro athletes do and it's safe to say with his production alongside the roster Coach Marc is building, winning's the future for Green and his Newcastle teammates. Despite Tajh moving on to greener pastures with the makeup of a more secure foundation, he still holds a place in his heart for the Giants' fans and his former teammates.

"The one thing I’ll miss other than the crazy funny team I had in Manchester is the fans. They stuck with us through thick and thin last year and always pushed us to get a win"

Tajh Green was one of the most electrifying players in the BBL last season, him being at Newcastle won't change that moving forward. We're definitely going to see more top flight highlights from him this season but hopefully on as more winning side as it could be argued his former team underperformed.

On a lighter note, Green seems like he still has a lot more potential for growth as a player, someone who averaged almost 20PPG having room to grow and get better is a scary thought for the rest of the BBL and Coach Steutel agrees.

“I honestly think that Tajh has just scratched the surface as a basketball player and I think he can continue to get better and continue to develop,”

(Via Newcastle Eagles Site)

(Image: BBL)

The Eagles have shaken up the BBL power rankings and Tajh Green is a big reason why, it's going to be an exciting season in Newcastle!

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