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Michael Jordan Camp In Brixton!?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In 1985 Michael Jordan just finished his rookie campaign in the NBA winning the ROTY award averaging 28.2 PPG elevating him in the NBA & showing the world his future was bright. You’d never guess that a player of Jordan’s elevated status would be running a camp in South London at the Brixton Rec & be interviewed by now London Lions BBL Head Coach Vince Macaulay. Well, as outlandish and surreal as it sounds it actually happened. We caught up with London Lion’s coach Vince Macaulay to get the back story on the time his Royal Airness graced Brixton & the Brixton Topcats with his presence.

How did the Topcats pull off hosting MJ?

“We were in the process of launching Brixton Basketball Club, Jimmy Rogers wanted me as the first Captain and we secured sponsorship from Nike who had decided that fashion was driven by what happened in South London so wanted us to host MJ, so we planned a camp when he came led by Jimmy, Mark Dunning and Charlie Bannerman.”

What was it like having Jordan at Brixton?

“It was awesome it was the start of Jordan mania we knew he was big but not quite how big. The place was bristling with excitement with everyone on a high.'“

Vince & Michael Jordan on court

Can you speak on your experience interviewing Michael Jordan & what you thought he was like

“Whilst playing I had graduated as a filmmaker from the London International Film School in Covent Garden so was blending playing with a film career so it made sense.

I had the general questions for him (Jordan) but when he talked about each one making their own footsteps it really motivated me. To see Luol Deng come through Brixton making those same footsteps and get to the Chicago Bulls made it even more real, uncanny.

He (Jordan) was so humble and delightful, he had time for everyone and nothing was too much trouble. He inspired everyone in that gym that day.”

Jimmy Rogers & Michael Jordan

To think Michael Jeffrey Jordan walked the same courts and dunked on the same floor as many other greats that came through the Brixton’s doors makes you think that the Rec is truly a special place. This speaks more on the impact Jimmy Rogers truly had, even way back then. Of course Michael Jordan being there is an incredible story but he wasn’t the only legend in the building.

Here’s a video of MJ playing against the Topcats, interacting with the kids at the camp, Vince Interviewing him and the late great Jimmy Rogers speaking on the event as a whole plus his thoughts on Brixton.

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