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Get To Know Hoopers - Tejan Rugette

Hometown - Richmond, London

Position - Guard

Current Team - Western Reserve

Nickname - Tee

Was basketball your first love?

Basketball was definitely my first love.

Who was the first player you modelled your game after?

Kyrie Irving

Describe your game in one sentence:

Fast and explosive but also patient.

What is your go-to pre-game snack/meal?

Rice and curry, about one hour and a half before the game.

Who is your go-to Music artist for pre-game?

NBA youngboy. He gets me hyped before games!

Do you have any interests outside of basketball?

I like to play video games with friends.

Would you call yourself a hooper or a basketball player and why?

Hooper, because I feel confident that I can get a bucket at anytime.

If you had a shoe deal with a brand of your choice, who would you pick and why?

Nike. Because it’s the leading shoe brand in the world.

What are you binge watching right now?

I'm currently watching Bel-Air.

Anime or nar?


If not basketball, what would you see yourself doing?

I have know idea.

Hoops goals moving forward?

Play college basketball and then professional basketball.

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