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THV Players' Choice Awards - British Basketball

Updated: May 20, 2021

When it comes to awards there are always disputes due to them usually coming from media members and coaches, so we decided to give the players the power. During the 2020-21 BBL season we polled a total of 50 players across every team in the league and asked them who they thought were the best shooters, defenders & scorers in the British Basketball League. There have been several names brought forward in every category, speaks to the talent in the league this season. We won't bore you with every player that got a vote, instead we'll do a top three per category. THV Players' Choice Awards, enjoy.

Best Defensive Players:

1. DeAndre Liggins

No surprise here as Liggins did make both the BBL team of the year and Molten defensive team of the year. Liggins had the most votes for this category with 36% of all votes going to him. Liggins is top 10 in steals so it's fair to assume he has been giving players trouble on that side of the ball with his ability to defend multiple positions helping the London Lions get stops leading to fastbreaks.

2. Jamell Anderson

Many have named Jamell as the best and most versatile defender in the league, him making the second spot isn't a surprise when he made the Molten defensive team of the year also, plus the Leicester Riders did have the number one record in the league at the time this vote took place.

3. Prince Ibeh

Rim protecting, shot altering Prince Ibeh for the Plymouth Raiders racked up the third most votes in the defensive player category. He led the BBL in blocks per game (1.8 BPG) , top 10 in rebounds & altered so many shots, which isn't a stat that is recored, but his rim protection this season was essential to the success the Raiders had this season.

Best Shooters In The BBL:

1. Dirk Williams & Corey Johnson

Vote or no vote these two are the arguably the two best shooters in the league, so its not shocking that they're tied for first place in the players' vote. Dirk Williams leads in the league in three pointers made at 91 which is 25 more than the person in second place. Corey Johnson sits at 3rd place with 65 three pointers made this season. Williams & Johnson made up 60% of the total vote.

2. Louis Sayers

Coming in at second place, Sayers had a great year at Newcastle being a key part of their offense due to his shooting prowess. His corner three came up clutch over and over again which helped the club win both the BBL Cup & BBL Championship.

3. Ed Lucas

A surprise to many due to Lucas only appearing in 11 games this season averaging 11.4 minutes per game, Ed Lucas comes in at 3rd place in the player's vote for the best shooters in the league. This speaks volumes to the respect players in the league have for Lucas' shooting ability having played in previous seasons for the Lions & Royals.

Best Scorers In The BBL:

1. Rickey McGill

Rickey McGill scorched the BBL this season with various 30 point games so it isn't a surprise he came in at 1st place amongst the player's vote. At times carrying Plymouth offensively especially in key games. He is an elite 3 level scorer that was scoring however he wanted this season in the British Basketball League. Votes for McGill made up 26% of the overall vote securing him the number one spot.

2. Geno Crandall

Geno has been the best show in the BBL this season winning both team and player of the year awards. Top 10 in points per game alongside the best handles in the league will get you voted in top 3 best scorers in the league with or without a vote. Embarrassing defender all season long, the eye-test is enough to justify why Crandall got the second spot in this category.

3. Dirk Williams

Dirk is the first and only player to be voted in the top 3 for a multiple categories. Often dubbed this season as the "Kevin Durant of the BBL" which is a huge compliment due to Kd being the best scorer on the planet. Dirk has been cooking defenses all season. His ability to shoot off the dribble is his most dangerous offensive weapon, add that to his already elite shooting ability and insane athleticism it makes total sense why he's top 3.

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