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  • Mohammed Hussein

The Odd Departure Of Ovie Soko

The London Lions has shaken up the British basketball community this morning with their latest press release announcing the departure of their team captain Ovie Soko.

"Team Captain Ovie Soko will be leaving the Club. Soko will focus on making a full recovery from an injury that has affected his ability to contribute to the team on an everyday basis"

(Image: London Lions)

The timing of this announcement could be seen as a little too convenient as it comes off the back of Ovie's suspension which was just a few days prior. Also, Tarik Philip has been sidelined indefinitely due to a knee surgery and has been rehabbing with the team, so to think team captain Soko cannot do the same is a little odd.

Ovie's odd departure from the team has been seen as fishy to say the least amongst the basketball community, this could be credited to previous press releases from the Lions not being taken well (Kennedy Leonard release & Coach Mark Clark news). Here are some reactions to the Ovie news:

(Image: Twitter)

(Image: Twitter)

(Image: Twitter)

It's clear that there is something more than just an injury issue as to why the star captain Ovie Soko and the London Lions have parted ways, but it is also clear that we as the viewing public will never know why. Nonetheless, the Lions have given British hoops a lot to look forward to with EuroCup, go Lions!

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