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5 Must-Watch Duos In The NBA 2020/21 Season

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Since the tragic ending of the historical Golden State Warriors who many dubbed the best team ever assembled in basketball and Kawhi Leonard deciding to skip out on the Lakers and join the Clippers, the big 3 era has been put to an end for now. Some may see this as a positive for the NBA and some may think otherwise, but for now we are in the era of dynamic duos and there are some great duos in the league this year.

This list isn't about the best duos but the most interesting ones to watch, which is decided by a combination of narratives, potential storylines and talent.

1. LeBron James & Anthony Davis

Coming off winning the championship in dominant fashion making light work of the Nuggets, Trailblazers and Rockets. Then beating the Heat in 6, James finished the series averaging 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 8.5 assists. Davis finished the series averaging 25.0 points, 10.7 rebounds 3.2 assists, 2.0 blocks and 1.3 steals. The Lakers have been spectacular behind the combination of LeBron & AD who's games compliment each other and are the favourite to repeat potentially going back to back.

This duo seems literally unstoppable with the best player and best two-way player in the NBA on the same team, a squad that has two top 5 players in the NBA is undoubtedly the best duo in the NBA and must watch see TV with their two stars battling for MVP against each other every night despite being on the same team.


2. Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving has been labelled a locker room cancer by many media members and Kevin Durant has been called the softest superstar in sport, the fact that these two have decided to sign with a team who is based in the media capital of the world makes this duo extremely interesting as many do not see this ending well.

Fact of the matter is watching KD and Kyrie play in the preseason and on opening night made everyone realise one thing, this dynamic duo is going to be the most explosive offense the world has seen in a while, with two NBA champions who can score with the best of them. Durant who's game hasn't been seen before, 7ft shooting guard that has been named the best scorer ever by many, then you combine a superstar of his level with a weapon like Kyrie Irving who's going to slice and dice the defense at will.

One thing is for sure and two things are for certain, these two will be the best show in sports & will be a PROBLEM for the league.


3. Kawhi Leonard & Paul George

The Clippers were meant to make noise last season as many media members had them going to Conference Finals and some even had them making the NBA Finals. The combo of Paul George & Kawhi Leonard were meant to be the seconding coming of MJ & Scottie, yet they hilariously underperformed, giving up a 3-1 lead against the Nuggets, then they became the laughing stock of. NBA Twitter.

LA got rid of head coach Doc Rivers after their playoffs debacle, added Serge Ibaka & extended PG showing that they're going all in to win-now mode. During the offseason PG had made some comments about Doc Rivers' coaching tendencies. Partly blaming him for their shortcomings, adding all of that alongside Kawhi's looming free agency, a new coach in Tyronn Lue and rumoured chemistry issues, this Clippers are going to be HIGHLY interesting to watch this season.

They have people to prove wrong and unfinished business to take care of with their duo of PG and Leonard leading them to success or mediocrity this season.


4. Ben Simmons & Joel Embiid

After an early playoff exit mainly due to injuries and a terrible road record last season, the process is an experiment that is expiring, with the main talking point about the Sixers usually being about breaking up this duo to make the most of their primes elsewhere, due to the common consensus being they cannot coexist.

The Sixers added a lot of depth and shooting to their roster along with championship head coach Doc Rivers taking the reigns after his firing at the Clippers it seems like the duo of Simmons & Embiid have as much to prove as Doc does. On top of that the trade for James Harden will consistently be the cause of added pressure to Philadelphia's already pressured filled team.

Joel and Ben must make a lot of noise this year to prove that their partnership is one worth keeping in the city of brotherly love.


5. Russell Westbrook & Bradley Beal

This past offseason was the shortest in NBA history but that didn't mean less trade rumours. Westbrook decided that he wanted out of Houston and didn't have many suitors, it was looking like Russell wasn't going to be anywhere worth mentioning with destinations like Charlotte & New York being constantly brought up in trade rumours.

Then in one move he was traded to Washington for John Wall which was a like for like trade that put the former MVP in a better situation with an All-Star in Bradley Beal who's game isn't ball dominant which can lead to them flourishing in the country's capital.

Many times in the past we have seen Westbrook team up with stars and it always end badly and people giving him the majority of the blame, this is his year to change the narrative on his game and career with a fresh start in Washington. Beal also has a lot to prove despite having a career year he hasn't been able to equate that into wins.

This trade has given the Wizards new life, there will be more eyes on this team than there has been in a long time, a lot of people are looking to see how this experiment will transpire, the goal is a playoff spot, it should be VERY interesting.

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