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NBA Legend Supports BBL Franchise In Birmingham

NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon has taken a liking to the city of Birmingham, he lives there and is involved in the City of Birmingham Rockets club. Well, it looks like Olajuwon's love for Birmingham could result in the city getting their own BBL franchise.

MVP magazine have revealed that a team of investors are set to form a proposal for a new BBL franchise in Birmingham with Hakeem olajuwon as on of the key pieces involved. If pulled off this will be the first time the city of Birmingham has had a British Basketball League franchise in over a decade.

"When I came to this great city, I found a jewel in the form of City of Birmingham Rockets Basketball club, with so many kids from all races and cultures in this vibrant city working together. It was natural for me to be involved" Olajuwon told MVP

With new investors 777 wanting to bring four new franchises into the BBL with their 45% stake in the league, Olajuwon and company (including BBL's former Commercial Director Bob Hope) are hoping the city of Birmingham fits the bill. MVP Magazine also have revealed that plans for the franchise have attracted potential investors from overseas.

"Seven years ago, I asked the question, where is the professional club? People told me about the great days of the Birmingham Bullets and how the city no longer had a franchise. However, on being introduced to Kirk and Rob, I saw the club's commitment to the game and to the development of the kids." Hakeem told MVP

The team of Hakeem Olajuwon, Bob Hope, Kirk Dawes & Rob Palmer can potentially put the city of Birmingham back on the British basketball map.

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