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Get To Know Hoopers - Benediktas Martinkus

Hometown - Mažeikiai

Position - SG

Current team - Future Generation Academy

Nickname - BANX

Was basketball your first love?

Basketball was the first sport I fell in love too

Who was the first player you modelled your game after?

The first player was Stephen Curry i model my game around

Describe your game in one sentence:

I say it’s flashy , confident

What is your go-to pre-game snack/meal?


Who is your go-to Music artist for pre-game?

Meek Mill, too many bangers, gets me too hype

Do you have any interests outside of basketball?


Would you call yourself a hooper or a basketball player and why?

A hooper - I say because if I want a bucket I go get it and I can play ball

If you had a shoe deal with a brand of your choice, who would you pick and why?

Nike - during my 109 point game, I had wore the kyrie 3's and I would want to create a shoe surrounding that day so I choose NIKE

What are you binge watching right now?

One piece

Anime or nar?


If not basketball, what would you see yourself doing?

If not playing basketball, I see myself doing something around animals and nature

Hoops goals moving forward?

My only hoop goal is making this my job & going Pro

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