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  • Mohammed Hussein

Brooklyn Trio Debut! Can They Coexist?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The Kevin Durant & James Harden duo has been electrifying to watch to say the least combing for 74 points, 16 rebounds and 19 assists in their first game together. They also had a very convincing win against a deep and favoured Milwaukee side despite their (Brooklyn) lack of depth.

Tonight Kyrie Irving joins them on the floor after his two week hiatus from the team due to personal reasons.

Brooklyn face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time as a 'big 3' and there are many questions about how three talented ball dominant players can coexist on the court at the same time, also some people in the media and fans believe that the Nets should trade Irving for more depth to fill around the two former MVPs in Harden & Durant.

Seriously speaking, the Cavaliers aren't a true test for the legitimacy of this big 3, but it can be very telling in regard to the rotations and style of basketball Brooklyn put on display this evening. Judging from the previous two games this big 3 could coexist, it makes sense that James Harden will be the main facilitator for this squad, taking into account his ability too distribute the ball and play make (2017 assist leader), Durant's ability score in 2-4 dribbles also helps the smooth running of this offensive juggernaut and Kyrie's ability to score and be efficient cannot be ignored he is shooting 50% from the field, 42% from three and 100% from the free-throw line.

Irving shooting a 50-40-100 during this season can help the argument that this trio can coexist and excel this season despite the negative comments about their future together. The Nets' lack of depth and who they decided to fill out the roster will be very telling on how we can predict their season going.

Championship or not one thing is for sure, this will be the best show in sports, on and off the floor.

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