Hard Work Wins Chips

Afrasyab Kahlil – Point Guard, London United.

“Don’t let your setback cause you to sit back – prepare for your comeback”

I’ve had a lot of setbacks but I consider all of them a part of the journey in order for me to become better and better. If you’re having a hard time always remember God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers! Therefore me having setbacks wasn’t something that stopped me from keeping my ethic of hard work.

Deng Camp was good, really good but I couldn’t really do as well as I would’ve liked to and that’s all on me. I could’ve done so much for better but it motivated me to work even harder for the season. I’ve always been working hard but I believe every day is a new day and you have to work harder than you did yesterday to see the improvement you want.

The off-season is time for me without limitations, no school or anything to distract my progress on the court. I have all the time to workout so with all this extra time I would go through 3-4 workouts a day (figured it was the way forward). My coaches outside of the team (Deane Williams – Transition Basketball, Afiz Olaniyan – Way2Work & Daniel Ivan) really helped me work out all summer and are a big reason as to why I improved.

I had a good season and I’m so happy we won the chip! Me winning player of the year was the cherry on top (despite never winning player of the month once) because it really shows everyone that hard work truly works! As I’ve always believed!

I would like to thank everyone for their supper but I’m not done yet. What I’ve achieved is good but it’s in the past now so on to the next one. My plans vary, either go states next season or abroad, maybe even university here and hoop outside of education. But before I come to a decision it’s summer time and that means I’m at it again! That grind! Working hard with all my coaches to make my game grow another level.

One piece of advice I’ll give everyone is to keep working hard. You have to work hard, work smart and work consistent to see improvements. Always try to do more, don’t do the bare minimum because then the results you get will be bare minimum. Work hard, you either win or you learn, so keep grinding – don’t settle!

– Afra

New Beginnings – Poem by Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Sometimes I’m excited,


Other times I’m scared.

Thoughts race, thinking have I under-prepared?


It’s everything I wanted,

It’s everything I wished for.

I’m still in shock, I’m still in awe,

Knowing I’ve grown from the person I was before.


The new chapter is really about to start,

It is almost time for me to depart,

I promise i’ll play and give all my heart.


So here is to new beginnings,

I took so many “L’s” I never saw myself winning.

I have my new number this season, and can’t wait to start killing.